"Viztrak" UI/UX Mobile App Design


Viztrak is a mileage tracking app specifically designed for medical professionals making home visits. The lack of a dedicated mileage tracking app for health home visits creates a lot of extra work, time and stress while logging miles for reimbursement. Every mile counts, yet not every mile gets counted.

I created Viztrak to take the stress out of tracking mileage and to ensure every mile gets counted. Viztrak takes the focus off the miles and puts it back on what’s really important – the patient.


Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD

Persona & Journey Map

In order to understand the users’ needs better, I interviewed five medical professionals who make home visits regularly. From this research, I developed the persona “Stressed Out Sarah.” Sarah’s biggest motivator in tracking mileage was extra income. Unfortunately, it was also a big stressor for her, as there was no easy way to track all her miles for the week and easily send mileage reports.

Sarah’s daily routine was then mapped to find out how her experience could be improved. This was extremely useful in determining exactly how Viztrak would be used.

Competetive Analysis

I observed popular mileage tracking apps as well as navigation apps. None of the apps provided users with the ability to set up commute mileage rules. 


I started creating wireframes for how each screen would look. These paper prototypes allowed me to create fast iterations. This step was immensely helpful as I moved into creating a prototype using Adobe XD.


Using the wireframe sketches, I created a prototype in Adobe XD to better test my app idea. 

Onboarding and Google Maps Integration

Create and Send Reports

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