"Barkplay" UI/UX Website Design


This was a collaborative UI/UX Website project. The objective was to create a website for dog owners or soon-to-be dog owners a one stop website where they can learn about every dog park in Monroe County.


Logo Design


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop

Persona & Journey Map

Through research and interviews we created the persona Dustin to help develop our website better for the users. We learned that a big frustration of dog owners was that they would take time out to go to a dog park only to find no there dogs there. Dog owners also wanted the ability to know more about the dog parks before taking the time to go there.

We then mapped Dustin’s journey when taking his dog to the dog park so that we could find out which features would be most helpful when designing a website. We found that Dustin wants to know a lot of info about a dog park before deciding to go. He wants to make sure there will be other dogs there as well.

Branding & Design

We came up with the name “Barkplay” and added the slogan “It’s a dog thing.” We wanted something unique to reflect what dogs are supposed to do at a dog park…bark, play and have fun! I then created a logo that would be fun and playful to reflect what the website was all about.


Based on our persona and journey map we then created prototypes of the website with Balsamiq. A key feature of the website was being able to create a profile and connect with other dog owners. This would allow dog owners to create events, review parks as well as connect with other dog owners.

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